Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Misunderstanding Ch.3

    I...i can't believe my brother is being beaten up by those Shun punk! Uugh! Wait for me onii-sama, i will avenge you...i will.

      At school, i was misunderstood as Shun's girlfriend,even my friend avoided me! I was trying to say to the whole school that it was a misunderstanding,but the rumour became spreaded all over the school,so, i was secluded by the whole school,and then Shun comforted me,at that time,i fell in love with him.

      I know that this is part of the plan of threatening my onii-chan,but, i can't help it. So,our days goes on,Shun became more gentle toward me,i don't know if he already fallen in love with me...until one day,he confesses to me and i accepted him.After school, i heard some voices in my classroom "Ha ha ha! I did it! I seduced her! Now, is the finale!" Shun and the other laughed while talking about my brother.

      I can't hold it anymore,so, i opened the door while saying "You shithead! Don't you know? My brother is the only family i got,and you beat him up?! Think again! Don't you know who i am? I'm Natsuki SWINTHART! The heiress of the Swinthart family, you think you can threat me?! " i snapped! And so,i beat them up and, they still haven't say where my brother is.Dammit!

To be continued...


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