Saturday, 19 October 2013

Aishiteru yo~Akuma-kun Ch.2

      Haru is now living with Shion.Haru touched her boobs once,so,the athmosphere in the house is kind of awkward.But,they can still endure it.

      One morning,Haru woke up and searched for Shion,but,she's not in the house,when he continued looking for her,there are some food ingredient and a note,the note was like "here are some ingredient for breakfast,make it,eat it and be a good boy.I'm gong to school -Shion-". "what is school?" Haru asked his familiar,Mugi.It's a place for human to study.Haru got curious and go to Shion's school.

      "This is the place where humans study? small!" Haru came back to home and start cooking,eventually,he CAN'T cook,so,he messed up the kitchen.When Shion came home,Haru was there to greet her sweetly,",,greeting me?sweetly?there must be something going on.."
when Shion walks toward the kitchen,Haru stops her and kissed her cheek,Shion blushed and said "S..stop it!",when Haru was doing that,Shion caught a glimpse of the kitchen,Shion kicked Haru on his 'That' and walks in to the kitchen,when she saw it,she was silent and looked at Haru, Haru was silent too,Shion walks toward Haru with smile,and then,she grabs his hair and drags him to his room "you are grounded for a week!".

      The next day,Haru came out from his locked room silently,he goes to Shion's school as a trensfer student,when Haru looks closely,he realized that all of the girls there are so pretty,Haru is handsome, so he became popular and he also have a harem (WHAT?!) . He intends to make Shion jealous,but, he heard his harem girls gossiping about Shion,he heard that she is the ice-queen of the school. After that,Haru became more intersted in her.

To be continued...

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