Saturday, 12 October 2013

Misunderstanding Ch.2

      The day after that incident,i , Natsuki Swinthart, starting to avoid him,the delinquent,i just found out that his name is..Shun Yukioka. I've heard the name,but....maybe not. A week after that incident,i was called to the back of the gym by...Shun....i'm doomed. When i reach the back of the gym,he pulls me and asked my brother's name "Who is this brother you're talking about" he asked me with an intimidating i answered " is...Kuroyuki Swinthart." His face was kinda surprised, so, i asked him " what' wrong?" , after i said that, his face became blue and red at the same time,and he answered me " n..nothing, it's just, i've heard that name somewhere...hmm.." He stutters a lot..

      The next day,i was avoided by the whole school,so i asked my friends i made last week. They said that i am Shun's girlfriend..WHAT?! No way! After school,i came back to my house,and slump in my own to my bed,there was my big brother photo, "Onii-sama, what should i do?" I need help!!!

      Weekends! I came out from my house, and i took my family dog to take a stroll with me in the park,my dog name is: Beethoven, his name is the same as the famous music composer right?...when i was taking a stroll,i passed an alley and saw Shun hanging out with other delinquent.They were talking about something,but i'm not interested,so i ignored the alley,until i heard the name Swinthart, i turned back and tried to eavesdrop. Shun said "Kuroyuki,that bastard,sending his little sister to Japan for help.I'm gonna beat him till his last blood drop,but first,i need to make his lil sister fall in love with me,so i can threat him.!" Shun said that...i'm gonna make a revenge for my brother's sake. Just wait Shun Yukioka,just wait....


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