Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Misunderstanding! Ch.1

(This is my new story,i made it with an original idea.If it's the same with someone's story,it was just a coincidence)

      Blond hair,blue eyes, that's me,i'm Natsuki Swinthart, half-english half japanese,and i'm transferred to a japanese school.I hope i can make some friends!

      With my blond hair, i was labeled as a delinquent,so, i don't have any friends.My seat was at the very back next to the windows,myndesk neighbor wasn't there! First period was P.E. , the P.E. was basketball,i'm not really good at this,but....i'll try my best! The ball was passed to me and i shoot, it was a three pointer, i was disappointed.Well,my trainer in London used to tell me to make a marvelous dunk, or some gorgeous three pointer,the three pointer i made was normal. But, suddenly, two person came to me while saying "Wow! Natsuki,you are SO cool!" I'm speechless, 'cause i don't know who they are, after that, they introduced themselves, their names are : Natsukawa and Megumi, i call them Natsu-chan and Megu-chan, i made some friends!

      After P.E. , i asked them who is my desk neighbor,they said that it was someone normal,i thought it was suspicious,but,they're my friends! I should believe in them.After school,i wanted to walk home, but, i saw my car in the front gate,i ran to the car hurriedly, and i said " haven't i told you to NOT pick me up by car?!" The driver said yes and goes away.

      On the way home,i passed by a blond haired guy,after passing him, i turned around and said " Brother ?" When i was near my house,i just remembered i forgot something,so i ran to school,when i get in my class, i saw that blond haired guy again! He's sitting on my neighbor's desk,i came to that guy and said in english "*brother?*" , then, the guy turned his back and said "what language are you talking? English?" I blushed and ran away,it was a delinquent!

To be continued...

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