Monday, 14 October 2013

Aishiteru yo,Akuma-kun Ch.1

((This is my new story,the characters from this story is not real.If it's the same with the others,it is purely coincidence.Boobs word was changed into breast))

      Once upon a time,there was a flirty demon named Haru, he was sent to the human world,his job? To unleash the demon queen who was sealed by the angels 100 years ago,she was sealed to a human girl body,to unleash the demon queen,he need to make her fall in love with him then,kiss her.

      "Uwaah...human world are like this..weird..." The first thing Haru said when he came to the human world,then,he asked his familiar ,"hey, who's the girl name?", "It's Shion Miyamura" .After that,Haru transported to Shion's house.

      "Hmm..this place is kinda hot...and wet.." He walks a step and slipped,he fell and touched something soft,kinda big and warm,when he realizes,it was a girl's breast,the girl slapped him and he fell unconcious.When he woke up, he sees the girl from before,he stands up and said "how dare you slap me!", the girl replied "you touched my breast!" Haru blushed and apologizes.He asked who the gril was and the girl said that she is Shion Miyamura , Haru suddenly said that he want to stay there for a year,Shion agreed hesitantly.His mission begun.

    Will he accomplish the mission or the other way around?

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