Saturday, 19 October 2013

Aishiteru yo~Akuma-kun Ch.2

      Haru is now living with Shion.Haru touched her boobs once,so,the athmosphere in the house is kind of awkward.But,they can still endure it.

      One morning,Haru woke up and searched for Shion,but,she's not in the house,when he continued looking for her,there are some food ingredient and a note,the note was like "here are some ingredient for breakfast,make it,eat it and be a good boy.I'm gong to school -Shion-". "what is school?" Haru asked his familiar,Mugi.It's a place for human to study.Haru got curious and go to Shion's school.

      "This is the place where humans study? small!" Haru came back to home and start cooking,eventually,he CAN'T cook,so,he messed up the kitchen.When Shion came home,Haru was there to greet her sweetly,",,greeting me?sweetly?there must be something going on.."
when Shion walks toward the kitchen,Haru stops her and kissed her cheek,Shion blushed and said "S..stop it!",when Haru was doing that,Shion caught a glimpse of the kitchen,Shion kicked Haru on his 'That' and walks in to the kitchen,when she saw it,she was silent and looked at Haru, Haru was silent too,Shion walks toward Haru with smile,and then,she grabs his hair and drags him to his room "you are grounded for a week!".

      The next day,Haru came out from his locked room silently,he goes to Shion's school as a trensfer student,when Haru looks closely,he realized that all of the girls there are so pretty,Haru is handsome, so he became popular and he also have a harem (WHAT?!) . He intends to make Shion jealous,but, he heard his harem girls gossiping about Shion,he heard that she is the ice-queen of the school. After that,Haru became more intersted in her.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Misunderstanding Ch.3

    I...i can't believe my brother is being beaten up by those Shun punk! Uugh! Wait for me onii-sama, i will avenge you...i will.

      At school, i was misunderstood as Shun's girlfriend,even my friend avoided me! I was trying to say to the whole school that it was a misunderstanding,but the rumour became spreaded all over the school,so, i was secluded by the whole school,and then Shun comforted me,at that time,i fell in love with him.

      I know that this is part of the plan of threatening my onii-chan,but, i can't help it. So,our days goes on,Shun became more gentle toward me,i don't know if he already fallen in love with me...until one day,he confesses to me and i accepted him.After school, i heard some voices in my classroom "Ha ha ha! I did it! I seduced her! Now, is the finale!" Shun and the other laughed while talking about my brother.

      I can't hold it anymore,so, i opened the door while saying "You shithead! Don't you know? My brother is the only family i got,and you beat him up?! Think again! Don't you know who i am? I'm Natsuki SWINTHART! The heiress of the Swinthart family, you think you can threat me?! " i snapped! And so,i beat them up and, they still haven't say where my brother is.Dammit!

To be continued...


Monday, 14 October 2013

Aishiteru yo,Akuma-kun Ch.1

((This is my new story,the characters from this story is not real.If it's the same with the others,it is purely coincidence.Boobs word was changed into breast))

      Once upon a time,there was a flirty demon named Haru, he was sent to the human world,his job? To unleash the demon queen who was sealed by the angels 100 years ago,she was sealed to a human girl body,to unleash the demon queen,he need to make her fall in love with him then,kiss her.

      "Uwaah...human world are like this..weird..." The first thing Haru said when he came to the human world,then,he asked his familiar ,"hey, who's the girl name?", "It's Shion Miyamura" .After that,Haru transported to Shion's house.

      "Hmm..this place is kinda hot...and wet.." He walks a step and slipped,he fell and touched something soft,kinda big and warm,when he realizes,it was a girl's breast,the girl slapped him and he fell unconcious.When he woke up, he sees the girl from before,he stands up and said "how dare you slap me!", the girl replied "you touched my breast!" Haru blushed and apologizes.He asked who the gril was and the girl said that she is Shion Miyamura , Haru suddenly said that he want to stay there for a year,Shion agreed hesitantly.His mission begun.

    Will he accomplish the mission or the other way around?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The SongSong Couple Song

This is what i mention yesterday...
The song of SongSong Couple Moment:

Pretty Boy -M2M-

Even if it's kinda weird,but, it's cute.

SongSong Couple,Please be together!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Side Story request!

Fuji-chan is here! Hi everybody! I want you guys to tell me about my stories,and i also accept requests!

Byee everyone!

Misunderstanding Ch.2

      The day after that incident,i , Natsuki Swinthart, starting to avoid him,the delinquent,i just found out that his name is..Shun Yukioka. I've heard the name,but....maybe not. A week after that incident,i was called to the back of the gym by...Shun....i'm doomed. When i reach the back of the gym,he pulls me and asked my brother's name "Who is this brother you're talking about" he asked me with an intimidating i answered " is...Kuroyuki Swinthart." His face was kinda surprised, so, i asked him " what' wrong?" , after i said that, his face became blue and red at the same time,and he answered me " n..nothing, it's just, i've heard that name somewhere...hmm.." He stutters a lot..

      The next day,i was avoided by the whole school,so i asked my friends i made last week. They said that i am Shun's girlfriend..WHAT?! No way! After school,i came back to my house,and slump in my own to my bed,there was my big brother photo, "Onii-sama, what should i do?" I need help!!!

      Weekends! I came out from my house, and i took my family dog to take a stroll with me in the park,my dog name is: Beethoven, his name is the same as the famous music composer right?...when i was taking a stroll,i passed an alley and saw Shun hanging out with other delinquent.They were talking about something,but i'm not interested,so i ignored the alley,until i heard the name Swinthart, i turned back and tried to eavesdrop. Shun said "Kuroyuki,that bastard,sending his little sister to Japan for help.I'm gonna beat him till his last blood drop,but first,i need to make his lil sister fall in love with me,so i can threat him.!" Shun said that...i'm gonna make a revenge for my brother's sake. Just wait Shun Yukioka,just wait....


Running Man Special

I totally ship Song Song Couple!
Episodes of the Song Song Couple moments are:

Episode 12 , 15, 18 , 19, 21, 23, 27, 28, 29, 33, 35, 37, 41, 66

Usually, the song when the sweet moment came is:
 -Pretty Boy-  -M2M-
 If it's just a normal skinship, the song won't be played.

Episode 15 is when Joongki kissed Ji hyo on the cheek.And episode 18 is the titanic scene and the song was "My heart will go on" Celine Dion.

Since Joong ki is not on Running Man anymore,he won't be seeing Ji hyo. I hope Joong ki came back to running man!

Song Song couple, Jjang!